Getting IT Together: Don’t Sacrifice Front Office Support for Back Office Operations

You’re all too familiar with the problem. IT spends so much time on back-office solutions that front-office requests for help languish. From the multiple applications they use, how do your front office staff pull all the data they need for purchasing, A/R, HR, and recruiting to file the reports, pay the vendors, and keep the open employee requisitions to a minimum? And as pressure builds to compete in an increasingly digital economy, this problem is only going to get worse.

There’s an answer. We know how to free up your IT team, allowing a more balanced approach to development and more efficient front-office operations. We know not only how to help your developers create speedy, customized front-office systems fast, we can give your front office employees the power to integrate existing apps to access information faster and more accurately—all while maintaining IT oversight.

Professional developers can define and maintain the system’s foundation, then step back and let the front office staff—the people who actually use the systems—manage and maintain them.

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How Could This Be Safe?

First of all, Tresbu Digital performs a thorough assessment before implementing any new solution with the overall enterprise systems. Next, Tresbu Digital implements solutions that allow your developers to set guardrails in place to protect enterprise systems from potentially risky end-user modifications. The app’s foundation is protected with automated security reviews that maintain governance standards and provide risk-based assessments. This gives front-office users the ability to modify and customize their applications safely without fear of causing a system-wide backlash. That’s another guardrail.

When you have professional developers working to fulfill front-office requests, you can enjoy the benefits of a de facto hybrid development team. Devs can create apps and integrate data with two user interfaces:  one for experts and a different one for end-users. This expert user experience design simplifies customization for your citizen developers, removes the “fear factor,” as well as make them less reliant on professional developers.

Different user interfaces also speed development, getting end-user customized apps up and running far more quickly than traditional approaches. When using the old model, the front-office development request often isn’t fully satisfied, and there’s little they can do to correct the issue when they receive a completed app. Tresbu Digital gives end-users in the front office the digital solutions they need and the flexibility to scale them quickly.

Modernize Front-Office Systems with Digital Solutions

But what kind of digital solutions can Tresbu Digital deliver for front office end-users?

  • Liberate siloed data (linking individual software and apps)
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Consolidate digital workflows
  • Sales, service, HR, and support app development
  • Provide multichannel user experience

The Proof Is in the Real World

Here are some real-world examples of leveraging low-code technology for front-office development to inspire possibilities for applications in your company.

  • A global leader in automotive technology had multiple legacy applications that hindered system-wide upgrades and stymied front-office requests for updated systems and apps. We were able to help them bring these applications and systems together and empower their front office to customize their own applications.
  • We helped a bio-technology firms implement evidence-based financial controls to gain the visibility it needed into the purchasing of component materials. The firm was able to control spending on while maintaining safety, compliance, and security.

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Can’t Argue with Success

What does success mean for our clients?

Enterprise-Wide Modernization

Tresbu Digital can upgrade your platform system-wide, freeing your company from legacy apps and siloed data across departments. This allows your front-office capabilities to excel as they are supported by fully modernized back-office platforms.


With a modernized enterprise platform, you can rapidly respond to market demands, unforeseen industry shifts, and advancing technology. Without the scalability and custom modifications of low-code solutions, it will only become more challenging to compete in today’s markets.

Incorporate Business Logic

Customized development and end-user modifications let you put complex business logic to work in your apps and throughout your systems. Professional developers can incorporate the precise controls you need to meet front- and back-office requests.

Integrate with Existing Info Systems

Development experts can use digital solutions, like low-code technology, to connect applications across departments and integrate them with your existing information systems. This ensures you have an updated, centralized system that’s necessary at the enterprise level.

Partner with Tresbu Digital for Innovative, Real-World Solutions

Is it time to restore balance to app development between the front- and back-office? If you want to compete in the digital economy, modernized platforms and systems are a must. You’ll need a trusted partner with enough experience and skill to wade through existing legacy systems and dated technology to devise and implement customized low-code solutions.

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