Using Mendix Low-Code to Create Future-Proof SAP Extensions

I know I’ve been talking about using Mendix to keep the SAP core clean, so I thought you might be interested in a real-life case study of work we’ve done here at Tresbu Digital. As market demands continue rising, biotech and pharmaceutical organizations relentlessly search for innovative technologies to increase efficiency and productivity. But addressing these issues directly in SAP and integrated management platforms can muck up the core and compromise system integrity with every update.

That’s why Tresbu Digital’s experts created a future-proof SAP extension using Mendix. Their success future-proof platform solves an ongoing pain point—onboarding and managing business partners. It’s a problematic process that drains administrative resources, slowing transactions and momentum.

But that’s not the conclusion of the story. How many more innovations are possible with future-proof SAP extensions made possible through Mendix low-code technology?

Tresbu Digital’s Mendix Low-Code Solution

Tresbu Digital’s experts set out to eliminate the numerous, time-sensitive steps and multiple personnel required to fulfill business partner onboarding, requests, modifications, and related business. Their goal was to create an extension platform that allowed business partners to upload their own information after being prompted to do so via email.

Partners would have access to the platform to register a new account, update an existing one, manage payment information, and more. A streamlined solution would allow companies to reallocate resources to other essential areas of business.

The final version of their future-proof SAP extension accomplished all this and more without modifying the core SAP system. Tresbu Digital’s experts created a master data governance application on iHub using Mendix technology.

The innovative new platform allows users to quickly and efficiently invite, modify, and track business partners without compromising data integrity. Organizations can even facilitate payment and shipping information within the platform extension.

New features allow employees to send automatic registration emails to new business partners, allowing these new associates to register electronically through the platform. Registration includes information like GST numbers and banking details. And all parties can track the status of new registrations.


SAP Integration Details that Made Future-Proof Possible

The SAP extension uses SAP as the master source of data for the whole enterprise. This ensures that all vendor information is in sync with SAP in real-time, preventing multiple sets of different data (and mass confusion).

The Mendix extension is responsible for the data collections, validation, and workflow. Once collected, the information is processed and synced to SAP for vendor code creation. Data is posted through REST APIs and certain data through RFC connection via Enterprise integration bus.

Admins can bulk load data and the system receives uploaded information from vendors like DocuSign and APTTUS, all of which is integrated into the SAP platform through Mendix.

With the core clean and free from complicated in-system integrations, the SAP extension ensures future updates continue to occur seamlessly. Your SAP platform continues to run as quickly as it did prior to the SAP extension.

Behind the Scenes of the SAP-Mendix Partnership

Mendix and SAP have partnered together to help enterprises leverage their investments in SAP software. In other words, your enterprise can accomplish more with your SAP platform when used with Mendix extensions. Rather than accepting the limitations of your current system, consider customizing it with the help of Tresbu Digital’s business engineers.

Mendix is described as a “SAP Solution Extension,” meaning that SAP has fully adopted the Mendix Platform as its official extension platform. It’s used to extend solutions like SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, and others.

SAP officially refers to Mendix as its “Rapid Application Development by Mendix”.

This partnership allows developers to extend SAP’s digital core with low-code rapid application development, so you can build innovative solutions on top of SAP products. Again, the extensions keep the core clean, not bogging it down with bulky modifications that disrupt function.

How Tresbu Digital Delivers Innovative SAP Extension for Your Enterprise

Our business engineers and technology experts will successfully oversee the development of your future-proof SAP extensions, ensuring a safe and successful deployment of the extension platform. This allows you to save resources, as you employ your own citizen developers to do the creating.

We offer IT support and oversight, drawing on over ten years of experience integrating low code with business process development. Our experts can help you accelerate enterprise application development and deployment, while updating across your organization. And our experience ensures the safety of your systems and data throughout the process.

For information about our projects and case studies, visit our website’s Projects page.

Connect with us for more information about how our Siemens Mendix experts can transform your business processes using rapid low-code automations and your citizen developers for maximum effect.