Use Case

Rapid Application Development


A healthcare company wanted to employ evergreen solutions in new applications with minimal coding expertise. Lacking a dedicated development team, our client was often forced to shelve indefinitely solutions that required further coding.


The healthcare company needed to bring solutions to market quickly and in a repeatable manner using rapid development methods. Because of limited technology staff, they needed to manage the product internally with minimal user development experience required. In addition, the company wanted to foster cross-departmental collaboration and empower end users to act self-sufficiently. Importantly, they wanted to reuse and recycle their large inventory of “shelfware” code into new, dynamic software solutions. And they wanted to avoid this problem in the future with a solution that would enable them to reuse solutions within existing ecosystems with no external development.


Using Mendix, Tresbu Digital’s experts created a comprehensive system of record for patients, automating the onboarding and intake process with easy visual navigation and reporting processing.


Not only has this low-code solution met and surpassed all of the metrics set for it, it has now opened a new door for the organization as a healthcare solution service provider.