Venturi Wireless

Optimized Video Delivery Improves Customer Experience

Venturi Wireless and Tresbu have a long-running relationship which has helped Venturi deliver timely and high-quality products to market. What I particularly appreciate about Tresbu is their team’s willingness to adapt and be flexible in supporting different projects. Providing more project management where needed, or, allowing us to direct the team as necessary. The depth of technical expertise in Tresbu’s team allowed for us to access deep technical skills in areas where we did not possess these skills. This is valuable for any company looking to develop products without building large teams.

Uday Nagendran, CEO
Venturi Wireless


Without optimized video, the client was facing a slow network, expensive costs to provide service, and an undesirable customer experience.


In a fast moving mobile technology environment where consumer expectations are high, client was risking brand value and declining business, but didn’t have the team in house to build the solution.


Tresbu built an upgraded video processing agent and delivery mechanism such as Range Requests and MPEG-DASH.

The system consists of 8 GPUs for transcoding, controlled by a load balancing proxy, ensuring the most efficient utilization of all the hardware. If all the GPUs are busy, the proxy queues the jobs, and assigns them to a GPU as soon as one becomes free.


The enhancements led to major performance improvements, which resulted in significant increases in customer interest in the product. The changes we made never made it to the field, hence my reluctance to make false claims.