3 Reasons McAfee Skyhigh Is the Best CASB for Your Enterprise

With the growing fragility of today’s information world, Cloud Access Security Brokers(CASB) have become essential elements of enterprise cloud security strategy. Savvy organizations leverage CASB to both protect and govern the use of sensitive data in the cloud. Although less than 20 percent of large enterprises currently use CASB to govern cloud services, Gartner predicts this number will increase to 60 percent by 2022.
Gartner’s 2018 “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers” positioned McAfee’s Skyhigh as the leading CASB vendor based on its ability to execute axis. This reflects McAfee’s ability to provide enterprises with a frictionless and cloud-native way to proactively protect their data, and defend against threats across PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS spectrums.
By leveraging McAfee Skyhigh, you’ll be able to guarantee the safety of your data and hassle-free governance of enterprise-sanctioned cloud applications. Let’s take a look at three reasons McAfee Skyhigh is the best CASB for your enterprise.

Unrivaled Data Security

McAfee Skyhigh leverages one of the largest cloud service discovery databases, enabling clients to carry out security posture and risk assessment of sanctioned/unsanctioned cloud services.
With the combination of encryption, DLP, and tokenization of structured/unstructured data for most SaaS applications, Skyhigh ensures impermeability and security of your data. You can view key indicators of security posture on your Skyhigh dashboard along with suggested remediations (which may include updates of endpoint security products, SWGs, and network firewalls).

Robust DLP Engine

With Skyhigh’s robust DLP engine, you no longer need to use DLP tools that come with your SaaS applications. You can feed aggregated content to the engine to create rules that trigger a percentage match. Data loss is prevented via cloud-based email and messaging. The content engine classifies your most sensitive data and enforces controls to remove/quarantine it in the cloud while initiating in-app notifications of violations.

Unparalleled Detection

McAfee Skyhigh leverages machine learning to construct behavioral models that detect insider threats and active account compromises in real time. It applies sandboxing technology and signatures to identify and stop malware from worming their way through the cloud before they commence their malicious activities.


With McAfee Skyhigh, you gain complete visibility into user behavior, context, and data across all devices, users, and cloud services. It automatically stops security threats and corrects policy violations in real time, ensuring the proactive protection of your sensitive information no matter where you live. Click here to learn more about NEXTGen Cloud Security or contact us to schedule a free consultation.