Easy HR Case Management for Dummies: Good, Better, Best

A solid case management system is a critical component of a successful HR department. It is no surprise that providers of digital transformation solutions tout their case management systems as a core benefit of their suite of HR service delivery applications. Simply put, case management refers to a system in which employees submit problems or concerns through an automated system, which is then routed to the appropriate HR representative for handling. In this article, we highlight the integral pieces of a successful case management system to help guide you through the transition to a more efficient HR department.


An effective way of handling employee requests is through an automated system. Once an employee submits the question via the employer’s portal, the request is automatically directed to the right person for handling. The employee can monitor the status of the request all within the self-service portal — and the HR rep has a straightforward, unified system in which to track the progress of the case. If the HR rep needs to escalate the case to a manager or ascertain additional information from another department, many HR case management solutions provide this capability.


Many HR service delivery software options offer a “knowledge base” within the case management system, which refers to a searchable digital collection of relevant information on HR topics, such as benefits, travel, and expense policies. The integration of the knowledge base with the case management system encourages employees to search for answers to their queries before sending messages on to HR. This saves time and cuts down on frustration for everyone — a win-win for all involved.


A superior HR case management system delivers a real-time, interactive view of all the open cases assigned across the HR department. This allows for efficient management of individual workloads across teams. As time goes on, the system will be able to deliver the metrics most important to your organization, such as the volume of requests and most common inquiries. You can then retool your knowledge base to include answers to those common questions, so employees don’t even have to reach out to HR.
Case management is an indispensable tool in any HR department’s success. With the help of our dedicated team at Tresbu Technologies, we can help you choose the best case management tool to meet your HR department’s needs. Learn more about how we can enhance HR efficiency and the employee experience. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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