Explore Low-Code Application Examples: Digital Transformation on the High Seas

We’ve talked about how instrumental Low-Code technology has been for development, particularly within the Life Sciences, but what other industries has Tresbu Digital advanced using solutions from one of the fastest growing markets to date? To learn that, let’s head out to sea.

Royal Caribbean International has been redefining the luxury cruise vacation since embarking on its first voyage in 1969. As one of the biggest players in the industry, Royal Caribbean offers its guests the opportunity to see the world in style with engaging amenities and the care of its expert staff.
The brand has long attributed its continual success to its ability to leverage the latest technology and innovations — which is exactly why they hired Tresbu Digital to upgrade its once-manual and time consuming onboarding experience with a custom, Low-Code solution.

Timing is everything in the travel and tourism industry, which is what originally highlighted just how outdated some of their everyday processes were even in 2019. Royal Caribbean found that its manual onboarding, offboarding, and contract fulfillment processes were insufficiently effective and efficient, leading to significant delays in hiring and deploying employees.

After all, Royal Carribean employs more than 77,000 people across 26 ships around the globe. Now more than ever, the organization needed a quicker and more efficient way to engage all decision makers so they could easily approve or reject new contract requests and rapidly communicate changing contract requirements, saving both time and financial resources. 

Enter Tresbu Digital’s team of business engineers. Leveraging the ServiceNow Service Portal, our team was able to build a custom global business application that could scale the number of users, products, features, and functions required. This platform allowed for a faster, more streamlined approach to alerting decision makers via a Go/NoGo Approval App. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Slack Integration: unlike the old system that sent email notifications to all associated parties, now users can immediately accept or reject automatically pushed new requests via the ServiceNow and Slack applications for prompt responses. 
  • Program Triggers: by integrating Slack and ServiceNow platforms, Tresbu Digital enabled users to assign various actions in Slack that then trigger ServiceNow program actions.
  • Engaging UX: by carefully designing an engaging user experience, users of all skill levels can use the app intuitively, saving on both training time and user error.
  • Automated Processes: currently, a process that once took days to complete can now be accomplished in mere minutes —  all with the click of a button. 
  • No External IT Needed: this application saves time and money because it requires minimal dependency on a technical team or extraneous resources. 

And the results have spoken for themselves. Gone are the days of manual tracking approval decisions via email. Instead, processes  are being updated and  automated  in real-time, with users responding to approval requests via their mobile devices on the go!

Low-Code was able to help the Royal Caribbean team reduce user time-to-action by 90%, with increased speed for request fulfillment by more than 70%!

With these no-nonsense Low-Code applications combined with the integration and user experience expertise of Tresbu Digital’s business engineers, even the biggest of brands can streamline their approval processes, as well as automate processes and workflows  and consequently improve both their productivity and profitability levels. 

Contact us today to see how Tresbu Digital can help your business streamline and automate those pesky manual processes with the help of Low-Code.