How HR Technology Can Improve Employee Experience and HR Efficiency

HR technology can make a big difference in how employees perceive your company and the efficiency of its HR department. Whether your company uses an employee service portal to submit HR requests or to streamline your new hire onboarding processes, the right HR technology improves employee engagement and possibly employee retention. Here are some specific ways that HR technology can improve employee experience and HR efficiency.

Positive First Impressions

If your company relies on HR technology to onboard new employees, it will make a positive first impression of the company to its employees. The process will be more streamlined, with all of the required documents in one place. Imagine how differently you’d perceive a company with a human resource management system in place versus a company without one. Understandably, the company with the HR technology would have a more streamlined process that is better organized seems more professional. OverstockTM combined multiple HR technologies, including ServiceNow, to automate their onboarding process for around 300 new employees each year so every employee has what they need to be successful on their first day of work.


Many HR tasks are repetitive and can take a lot of organization, structure, and employee time to complete. With HR technology, many of these tasks can be automated, meaning they won’t be forgotten or require any additional time. Examples include annual evaluation reminders, sequential documentation of processes like onboarding, and managing PTO requests. The Career Education Corporation used HR workflows and automation to improve HR efficiency. The company had a custom app built that was better able to support a large scale operation across many campuses.

Instant Solutions

People generally expect instant gratification, whether they are ordering their favorite takeout meals or having their questions answered. Sometimes employees will want answers to HR-related questions in the middle of the night, on the weekend, or the week of the important HR conference your whole team is scheduled to attend. HR self-service portals make it possible for employees to get the answers they need whenever they want them. For example, if an employee wants clarification on a certain policy, they can instantly find the answer online. In many ways, it’s also a numbers game. Flex was able to use a self service portal for 70,000 users, reducing the burden of answering routine questions and processing forms on its IT staff.

Employee Self Service

Employee self service improves employee experiences and HR efficiency. Employees feel empowered to make their own requests without having to go through a manager or HR team member. Additionally, self-service streamlines HR processes within the HR department.  Envision Healthcare was able to save time and manual intervention required for the most common HR requests by using a self-service portal and a mobile-enabled Knowledge Base, which employees can access remotely.

Free Up HR Staff Time

Having HR technology, especially with self-service options, can free up a lot of time for your HR team. Since employees will be empowered to find answers to simple questions and fill out paperwork on their own, you won’t need someone from HR to process these requests. HR team members can instead focus their energy on tasks that can’t be automated. You may discover that you need fewer HR staff members to answer common questions or that you can direct some of your team toward bigger-picture HR goals. More effienct HR processes often translate into savings for companies. When Christus Health automated their HR service delivery using ServiceNow’s self-service portal and automation, they were able to save $9 million in three years. That is a lot of money that can be converted into profit or re-invested in the company.
As you can see, HR technology can free up your HR team, improve efficiency, and enhance employee engagement. To learn how we can help improve the employee experience and HR efficiency, check out the full suite of HR solutions from Tresbu Technologies. You can also contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your company’s specific needs and employee requirements.