3 Key Facts Everyone Should Know About Servicenow Covid-19 Response Technology

Covid-19 has triggered a global catastrophe that is ripping through a world more digitally connected than ever. However, when compared with previous pandemics – including those as recent as Ebola, MERS, and SARS—technology now offers more resources to leaders and their countries to respond effectively.  

The Covid-19 pandemic’s frequency and severity makes it necessary for leaders to reorganize their governments and organizations to concentrate heavily on improving their response to Covid-19.  The use of technology makes this easier.

Response to COVID-19 Challenges Made Easier by ServiceNow

When responding to the crisis, each country has its own unique challenges to deal with. However, essentially they all face the same two challenges. The first is developing a plan to combat the virus and avoid loss of life. The second challenge is handling the massive economic and social turmoil to weigh down the effect of the pandemic. No better way to meet both challenges than the use of technology for enhanced Covid-19 response.

ServiceNow—a renowned software company that makes it easy for organizations to manage digital workflows for enterprise operations—is leading this tech-driven response to Covid-19. The company has never been a run-of-the-mill technology service provider. Instead, it is an investment that enhances your company’s ability to fully unlock and upgrade existing technologies as well as automate digitally.

Now, ServiceNow is looking to speed up your emergency response during the Covid-19 pandemic through workflows apps and resources. Here, we will explore some interesting facts about ServiceNow technology for better Covid-19 response.

What is the Scope of the ServiceNow Covid-19 Response Technology?

The ServiceNow Covid-19 response technology has great scope globally, especially in countries where organizations are actively seeking a way to manage the unique and fast evolving challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The automated workflows of ServiceNow make things simpler, allowing companies to focus on work that counts most.

Facts about ServiceNow Covid-19 Response Technology

1.Emergency Response Management

 As part of the efforts to enhance the response of organizations to Covid-19, ServiceNow launched four new community applications to provide much-needed support to its customers in handling diverse emergency management workflows. The customers of ServiceNow that will benefit from these apps include both government agencies and private entities. All four applications are currently available for consumers to download free of charge until September 30th, 2020.

While ServiceNow enhances the response to Covid-19 with four community apps, Tresbu Digital removes all obstacles in the implementation, configuration, and use of these apps. This is best explained by the company’s CEO who has the following to say:

Tresbu Digital is helping companies with both immediate and strategic initiatives that can turn our current adversity into real advantage. Whether implementing, configuring, and releasing new, free emergency response apps on the ServiceNow Platform, or providing business continuity and work-form-home solutions, or creating rapid low-code automations, we are here to remove obstacles in a time of your greatest need”.

2.Emergency Response Operations

The Department of Health of Washington State, a ServiceNow customer, initially developed the Emergency Response Operations software on the Now Platform to handle their internal response to COVID‐19. Together with ServiceNow, the Health Department is now making the service available free of charge to all government agencies.

According to the Chief Information Officer at Washington State Department of Health Jennifer McNamara, the purpose of this was quickly establishing an emergency response system for pandemic response to minimize the spread and impact of Covid-19. She further added that leveraging the Now Platform of ServiceNow helped to automate an error-prone manual and labor‑intensive process while ensuring real-time visibility into the distribution of resources.

3.Customer Care

ServiceNow has developed a customer service program to help its customers manage their business activities during the COVID‐19 pandemic. The program is enabled by three community apps that are provided to customers free of charge. The following is a brief introduction to each of these apps:

Emergency Outreach

This workflow utilizes the Now Platform to help businesses communicate with workers to determine the implications during a crisis. Employers can get in touch and provide details and safety measures via email. They can also request a response to verify that employees are safe and where they are located. Moreover, employers can also take advantage of the ServiceNow Now Mobile App to send smartphone push alerts to workers to get answers. 

Emergency Self Report

This process allows the employee to alert their employer that they are self-quarantined and when they will return to work and assists the employer in the workflow.

Emergency Exposure Management

If an organization is aware that one of its employees is infected with a disease, this workflow allows the employer to find other employees who may have been affected based on place of work of the employee and their meeting’s history.

Bottom Line

The insights into ServiceNow’s covid-19 response technology provided above has probably got you thinking about using the company’s new workflow apps and resources to your advantage.  Tresbu—a ServiceNow Partner—can help you with this by leveraging its solid experience of working with ServiceNow Technology. Contact us for a free demo on how the new Service now workflows apps and resources can improve your business’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.