6 Facts Everyone Should Know About ServiceNow Technology

Interesting facts about ServiceNow technology

ServiceNow has surely proven its value among reverent IT audiences, but most of the CEOs still view ServiceNow as just another technology outlay with perplexing enterprise impingement. However, ServiceNow technology has never been another technological consumption, it is an investment in your brand’s ability to digitally transmute and run new enhancements and automation. To make a knowledgeable decision about spending in ServiceNow there are various key insights to emphasize technologies which are relevant and crucial to your decision-making operations. Here, we have explored some of the interesting facts about ServiceNow technology for your better understanding. Before that, let’s view what is ServiceNow in brief.

ServiceNow Technology

ServiceNow is a cloud-based ITSM tool which offers increased flexibility in terms of customization, functionality, reliability and much more. When it was initially established it was an ITSM tool but later it is used to build any types of apps on this platform for HR, finance, and much more.

What is the future scope of ServiceNow technology?

There is a great scope of ServiceNow globally in the enterprise software industry,It is doing great and anticipated to grow ceaselessly for many more years. If some decay comes-in it won’t come nightfall but would take many years. In fact, no tool or platform is permanent. There might be some platform or tool which may supplant this going forward but yes it will take some time.

Facts about ServiceNow technology

1. Average ROI

ServiceNow technology is not a budget-killing investment which simply drains your IT budget, with no real ROI. Rather, it is quite opposite to it. An autonomous study by Forrester uncovered that “in nine months, the average ServiceNow consumer breaks even”. Furthermore, for the past few years, they achieve an astonishing ROI of 195 percent. Hence, ServiceNow technology will be one of the truly worthwhile investments for an entrepreneur. As per the study, it attains this ROI by running IT competitiveness by 20 percent and lowering priority 1 incidents by 25 percent. This, in turn, permits IT enterprise to invest more of its budget and time to other delegation-crucial areas.

2. Vanquish other ITSM Hands down

The respected research industry Gartner has named ServiceNow as an ITSM firm leader for five years driving. ServiceNow has ranked higher than when compared to other rivals in the ITSM space based on its propensity to execute in holding with its vision for the future. If you are an entrepreneur then why you are looking to opt another offering when ServiceNow is at the top of the ITSM game?

3. Greater endgame than ITSM

ServiceNow is primarily known for its ITSM functionalities, the brand’s go-to-market plan has never been based exclusively on ITSM. The founder of ServiceNow “Frank Luddy” stated that the ITSM framework was developed initially to resolve proximate requirements, but the endgame has often been to transmute enterprise tasks across agencies into customized services. Hence, the impingement of ServiceNow is much broader than specified ITSM. it can increase worker efficiency and improve the price savings across all departments of your brand, not just the IT field.

4. The enormous ecosystem of collaborators

The environment of ServiceNow partners is massive than the firm itself, and this runs further growth and development of ServiceNow technology. The ServiceNow application store affords over 400 applications which are developed by its collaborators. ServiceNow’s knowledge conference was usually a massive event with great members of ServiceNow’s collaborator’s ecosystem attendee. These will spotlight how the ServiceNow environment is evolving. Further, it will help consumers with their ServiceNow execution.

5. Enabler of Digital transformation

Usually, CEOs focus on consumers and processes when they think about digital transformation. But, the right tools can be a potent driver of digital transformation. ServiceNow aids to streamline how work is done and as well as aid to automate many chores, making it a strong tool for enabling digital transformation across your integral brand. Think of ServiceNow as a threshold to digital transformation, offering bridges across your entire constitution.

6. Forbes most creative company

In the year 2018, Forbes magazine named ServiceNow as the most creative brand in the globe. That’s quite an effort for ServiceNow, ranking number one, beforehand of more popular names like Tesla, Netflix and much more. This victorious position is due to the fact that ServiceNow offers both customizability and simplicity of its products, and this, in turn, endows its consumers a great deal, with quantifiable ROI. ServiceNow has become the globe’s fastest evolving software company with more than a billion dollars in taxation.

Bottom lines

We hope the above-mentioned insights about ServiceNow technology might have glimpsed you with the admire of ServiceNow.Are you a business person who seeks to promote your enterprise? Tresbu is a ServiceNow Partner and have solid team,experience working with ServiceNow Technology.Contact us for a free demo on how servicenow technology can help your business grow.