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Here’s Why And How Employers Are Transforming Their Resources Today

As employees return to the office, companies are facing greater issues that must be addressed head on in order to accommodate staff needs, maximize personnel safety, maintain regulatory compliance, and directly impact the organization’s overall productivity and profitability.
Operation, Finance, Legal & HR departments face an onslaught of challenges to ensure new measures and procedures are observed while simultaneously managing the enterprises’ standard workflows. Typically HR practitioners will be expected to tackle both new and existing challenges such as:

Onboarding: If your organization laid off or furloughed staff due to the initial impact of COVID-19, HR departments will be responsible for all onboarding processes in rapid succession.

New Health Policies: Human Resources will be in charge of not only establishing new health and safety policies, but regularly enforcing throughout the organization. Masks, temperature checks, and new desk configurations will be mandated in many spaces.

Remote Work Allowance: HR will also be looked to in collaboration with management to authorize work-from-home clearance based on each individual employees’ situation and job responsibilities.

Childcare, Benefits, and Transportation Considerations: Human resources will be asked to answer all questions regarding childcare concerns, benefits and pre-existing policies, and public transportation considerations in light of the pandemic.

Team Collaboration and Productivity: Maintaining a positive atmosphere that inspires creativity and energy can be key to continuing collaboration and productivity among staff members despite the world’s current conditions.

Beyond all of these new tasks, HR will still be expected to maintain regulatory compliance. So now the question is, how can organizations move towards an efficient solution to support their employees immediately?

The Right Service Delivery System Can Support Your Organization’s Overall Success

With an automated HR Service Delivery solution like ServiceNow Employee Workflow, HR & Operation team members can easily manage all human resource functions for an employee, from the hiring to the retiring processes. By automating key HR and employee workflows such as onboarding, payroll, and benefits management, this allows HR departments to dedicate time towards these new policies and procedures that are required as a result of COVID-19.

Enterprise organizations need to invest in technology-drive, agile workflows to bridge the gap for employees during these unprecedented times, and this need stretches beyond just the human resources department. Now more than ever, enterprises must utilize a serious workplace service delivery solution such as ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery in order to facilitate a safe return to work opportunity for staff.

New organizational responsibilities can include:

Phased Return Framework: Management will need to plan and implement a phased return framework for physical office locations in order to test and develop safe working conditions for essential employees before eventually opening the office on a wider level.

Social Distancing Practices: Executive leadership will need to plan, communicate, and execute comprehensive social distancing practices before, during, and after work hours on company property.

Sanitizing and Maintenance Workflows: In order to maintain a safe environment for returned employees, management must respond quickly to any and all safety concerns, in addition to monitoring office layouts and desk accommodations in order to sanitize high traffic areas regularly.

In addition to that mentioned above, employers will also need consider the importance of automating systems and processes within their legal departments in order to optimize the ability for business operations to resume faster.

Scalable Legal Delivery System for Streamlined Business Operations

Much like the HR Service Delivery, a solution like ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery will streamline preexisting processes and enhance the overall employee experience. Legal Service Delivery, which is tailored for enterprise legal operations, will create great employee experiences by enabling teams with self-service options and simple, mobile-ready entry forms for employees to make and track common legal requests like patent applications, help with business contracts and conflict of interest disclosures.

The automated ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery solution can offer organizations the following benefits:

Reduced Manual Processes & Rapid Delivery: Automated processes will minimize the amount of manual work required while simultaneously speeding up service delivery to the organization.

Request Prioritization & Workload Visibility: Solutions can intelligently prioritize requests according to their importance or urgency and allows management teams visibility into legal department’s current workloads.

Organizational Collaboration: This streamlined solution collaborates easily across organizations with HR and workplace service delivery.

For enterprises in the twenty-first century, there is a lot to do and an urgency to do it now. And in light of the coronavirus pandemic, unforeseen circumstances have directly impacted every facet of business.

There’s no greater need for an all-in-one solution than now.

Meet Tresbu Digital

The insights into ServiceNow’s COVID-19 response solutions mentioned in this article may have caused you to begin envisioning its use within your enterprises’ workflows and applications. Tresbu Digital, a digital business transformation provider, has been enabling organizations to take control of their business operations with workflow automations and digital innovation systems for years.

As authorized developers and official partners with ServiceNow, Tresbu Digital can help your enterprise adopt any variation of ServiceNow solutions to ensure complete workflow optimization with an enhanced focus on your organization’s core business values. Offerings include ServiceNow Workflows & Automation, ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, ServiceNow IT Service Management, and ServiceNow IT Operations Management solutions.

Thanks to our laser-focus on quick, low-code delivery of workflows, we are able to turnaround projects in as little as thirty days, due in part to our agile methodology that we’ve refined over more than ten years in the digital engineering space.

After all, our goal is to maximize your organization’s operations with a streamlined HR, workplace, employee, or legal service delivery solution while minimizing the process and infrastructure costs that are often attached.

If you’re looking to radically change how your business operates with the power of automated workflows, we’re ready to get started today!

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