Mendix is Changing the Game for the Life Sciences

With a name like “modern medicine”, you may automatically assume that the life sciences industry is light years ahead of other marketing in utilizing the most state-of-the-art technologies. Unfortunately, the life science industry as a whole has tended to be slower in adopting and embracing digital technology, modernization, and automation processes, even though there has always been a significant amount of data to be considered. 

This delay could be partially attributed to it being a heavily regulated industry, although other similarly regulated sectors like banking have been embracing innovative technologies for years without much of a hold up. Now following suit, the life sciences are moving towards integrating automation technologies and their residual benefits, including leveraging advanced analytics. In 2019, life science organizations of all sizes focused heavily on digitalization, cloud, and IT infrastructure modernization – now in 2020, many anticipate a deeper concentration on data management, analytics, and automation.

Since the healthcare and life science market is consistently focused on outcomes, many companies are looking for reliable sources beyond randomized clinical trials to measure and demonstrate their potential value, for increased speed and accuracy. The pressure for these organizations to improve and evolve is constant – technology will be the key to unlocking immense value in a challenging market. In the end, its adoption will radically change the future of biotech, pharma, and medical device industries.

Digitizing life science operations will offer an improved patient experience, get products to market much faster, reduce the cost of service and support, and offer stronger regulatory compliance

Low Code Apps – on the Rise 

As organizations across the life science industry collect massive amounts of data from multiple sources, it can often be difficult for them to see what is important to focus on. Now, low-code applications can quickly and easily be built to visually display that data so employees can interpret and decide on next steps based on that real-time data.  

Mendix Low Code Development Platform continues to be a great solution for the life sciences industry because time is of the essence for these organizations. Unlike other industries, they’ve been slow to utilize technology and automation, and this lag in innovation is no longer acceptable. Sponsors, regulators, and consumers expect these companies to adapt quickly in order to keep up with the latest tech. 

It’s time to move your traditional processes and practices to the digital world so you can accelerate your delivery. Mendix provides rapid application delivery so you can get to market faster and compete and innovate in no time. 

And Mendix can literally save millions of dollars thanks to its ability to monitor and alert companies on ever-changing regulatory compliance standards. Essentially, when faced with compliance issues, very few developer platforms offer the long-term solutions like Mendix does by standardizing data all in one place to generate timely and accurate reporting to meet compliance regulations.

Life science companies use the Mendix App Platform to quickly build applications across multiple channels and devices to improve organizational efficiencies and overall business transparency.

This singular low code app allows teams of all experience levels to build applications and deploy them seamlessly, enabling collaboration and greater agility to stay ahead of changing market factors. 

Implementing and leveraging digital technologies and data analytics will allow businesses to uncover valuable process improvements and move with greater agility, all while maintaining compliance at a low-cost rate. Those who are already investing will continue to lead with a significant competitive edge. After all, new pharmaceutical  and biotech products will be able to move to market in a matter of weeks, not months or years, ultimately impacting individual patients’ lives and entire population pandemics. That’s life-changing life science at its finest.  

Thanks to solutions like Mendix, these essential organizations can empower top talent in the life sciences to use these integrated technologies to radically change life-altering clinical research, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, and much more.

Tresbu Digital helps life science organizations move through the process of fully integrating low-code solutions into their existing business processes, from ideation to operation. Many are adopting the Mendix platform, but integrating these resources into existing operations often requires expert guidance to ensure your entire team can benefit from every little thing the platform promises.
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