Cloud Migration Demands Low-Code Solutions

Accelerate Application Migration with Mendix Low-Code Development Solutions

The global pandemic has affected nearly every industry, disrupting general operations, limiting organizational capacities, and creating new and unique situations across the board. As workplaces shift, the demand for new digital tools and development platforms to support remote employees have automatically accelerated digital transformation. Companies of all sizes and compositions are now moving towards software and cloud-based solutions to keep productivity levels high.

Cloud migration, however, is only the first step in a longer migration path. Once the initial “lift and shift” of server platforms is complete, application migration becomes the focus. Unfortunately, often corporate IT staff is far too oversubscribed to devote much to this vital but time-consuming job. However, without successful migration of applications and data, the various. functional teams of the organization can’t do their jobs–at least not effectively.  So how are these organizations expected to make this critical shift as quickly as possible?

The solution appears to be low code, a visual tool or platform that replaces a level of writing code and the need for expert developers. Essentially, demand for application migration and other software solutions are increasing, but there is a significant shortage of highly skilled developers to fulfill this demand. Now, low-code development platforms are enabling people of all skill levels to step up to the plate and deliver new application migration and other solutions that formerly required skilled software engineers.

If your organization is currently working through a legacy system that is dependent on multiple teams and departments, you may now find yourself at a greater risk of wasting time and manpower resources on this integral part of your business. Migrating to a low-code solution will reduce this risk and is proven to eliminate additional costs and time that were previously needed for your business to properly function.

In our experience, Mendix is one of the quickest and easiest low-code platform used to develop mobile and web applications at scale. Low code is a visual approach to software development that automates every step of the application lifecycle. By breaking traditional silos of business and information technology it fosters continuous collaboration and offers rapid delivery of a variety of software solutions. It has been especially useful in the biotech and life sciences industries, as it can easily interpret a significant amount of data and streamline crucial workflows in such a quick-evolving industry.

Adopting a new process or solution, despite how seamless it may seem, is always a risk for an organization. After all, if it’s not done right the first time – whether that be in the design, launch, or implementation stage – it can be crippling to a businesses’ ability to fully function. That’s why it can be important to partner with Tresbu Digital’s business engineers to safely ensure your organization can transition from legacy systems or pre-existing processes to a low-code solution.

Tresbu Digital’s expert team of business engineers understands the importance of integrating both your organizational processes and business model with the right IT support. And with so many low-code platforms quickly emerging in recent years, it’s imperative that your developers continue to ensure integrity, consistency, and security across these applications so they can be as efficient as they were intended to be. Tresbu Digital has worked with organizations across the globe to build reliable automation frameworks and platforms that work flawlessly and radically transform businesses.

One of the first things Tresbu business engineers will determine is what you and your business need of this platform from a user experience standpoint. By mapping a customer’s requirements, Tresbu’s team can avoid creating a system that is more complicated than it needs to be for any given business. In fact, overcomplicating a new low-code platform is a serious concern for new users, so it’s essential to work with a partner who can clearly define what makes sense to include in the workflow versus what is extraneous.

Tresbu Digital’s agile approach to low-code app development also allows clients to stay up to date with its rapid development and provide real-time feedback. Thanks to this iterative development method, both parties can collaborate seamlessly and get the final product to market faster than ever before.

See how Tresbu Digital can help your enterprise to leverage low-code solutions from design through implementation, and watch as your entire business model is completely transformed in the process.