The Key to Successful Digital Transformation: The Business Engineer

Digital transformation is the integration of information technology into all areas of an organization, which fundamentally changes how that organization operates and delivers value to its employees and customers. But digital transformation isn’t just a one-time change: it’s a cultural shift that requires the organization to continually experiment and challenge the status quo, including questioning long-standing business processes that no longer work. 

Digital transformation also means getting comfortable with failure. Sometimes new ideas don’t work. The key here is to set metrics for transformation, measure transformation regularly, identify what isn’t working, and change it right away. In other words, digital transformation requires organizations to fail, but fail quickly, recover rapidly, and come back stronger. 

Still, “digital transformation” isn’t always fully understood by business leaders. Is it merely moving everything to the cloud? What steps does an organization need to take to see this transformation happen? Is it something that can be done internally, or is an external consulting firm a necessary part of this change?

After years of research, implementation, and execution, Tresbu Digital has identified two crucial elements to bridging the ever-present gap between foundational development processes and integral business processes to enact this powerful transformation. The first element is low-code development, and the second is people  who have a keen understanding of the organization and its practices.  

Studies are already showing a significant rise in the low-code market – in fact, many industry experts believe it will double in size by 2024! Low-code applications are invaluable for businesses because they require fewer resources, allowing non-coders to build visual platforms and tools that will automate and accelerate so many time-consuming business processes. This quickens the typical timeline for application delivery and allows organizations to be more nimble (and offset any associated risks) in a somewhat unstable economic environment. Still, although low-code opens the door to development to many, effective digital transformation still requires the right person to shoulder this responsibility.  

But rapid development alone is not enough. Successful digital transformation also requires a guiding hand with a true understanding of business processes. We call this person a “business engineer”: someone who is not an IT person, not a coder, but rather an expert in their team’s workflow, goals, and challenges. The business engineer can chart the location and flow of data necessary for the success of both a low-code project–and the organization itself. 

Tresbu Digital’s expert team of low-code developers and business experts identifies and  partners  with the business engineers in your organization to merge development and business processes.  We can also train business engineers in our agile approach to low-code application development so they can continue digital transformation on their own. Thanks to this approach, we are able to build clients’ apps faster and closer to their expectations, with iterative development methodologies and collaboration. 

For more information on how Tresbu Digital utilizes low-code platforms with agile principles and savvy business engineers to inspire real digital transformation, visit our website to get started today.