Case Study


ALM Company

Unified App Enhances Customer Experience and DevOps Agility


The world’s largest independent ALM vendor sought to create a mobile application that combines both native and HTML5 to deliver access to the clients Request Center catalogs, and services for user requests and approvals. The client also required a certifiable application that would provide access to the client’s customers and their users in a unified manner that could reduce the number of updates from a user perspective.

The application was to be deployed on iPad, iPhone/iTouch and Android devices and feature global usage, daily/nightly updates, multiple platforms, and an intuitive – responsive – elegantly designed UI that met the standards of the brand.


Tresbu designed and architected a native wrapper for native device access and a common form access (HTML5) using Sencha 5. We then created a working UI (demonstrated to Field Sales) and implemented JSON consumers on server and client, as well as, a reactive client based on server configurations but using both native storage and Local Storage for increased interactivity.


IT users now can react to changing new service requests, investigation needs and approvals in a more timely manner, thus increasing IT/Ops agility as well as bringing Business and IT closer.