Case Study


Royal Caribbean


Slack Bot Actions

Digital Transformation
at Sea


Royal Caribbean has been leading the charge to advance on-board experience with bold investment in technologies of all shapes and sizes. With that investment comes great expectations for ROI and rapid delivery of asset value.


How do you make sure large scale teams, working on a wide range of technology development projects not only deliver for customers, but also align with finance to make sure every possible penny delivers balance sheet value?


Working hand in hand with visionary leadership inside corporate finance, Tresbu built a series of workflows that streamlined complex processes on the ServiceNow platform to integrate the most common systems and tools like Slack, Dropbox, or Docusign into a seamless experience that more closely fits the work habits of stakeholders. 

This consumerization approach is an important step in reducing workforce friction and removing unnecessary obstacles that frustrate team members, slow release cycles, and ultimately waste money.


Complete visibility, efficient workflows and automation, remote access, and a streamlined audit trail enabled finance to measure and control the way investment in technology delivers immediate, measurable shareholder value.