Low-Code by the Sprint

Because Low-Code applications can be developed quickly using LoB expertise alone, Low-Code is the very embodiment of “agile development.”


Iterative Delivery

You can define a goal, develop an app to meet that goal, test it, and determine next steps all within a single 2-week sprint. At the end of each sprint, you can evaluate the results to decide whether to charge ahead, make minor adjustments, change direction altogether, or even suspend the project. Results are indisputable, and you can easily save work and re-purpose work between sprints. It’s the ultimate bite-sized, results-driven development model, which makes it both easy to fit into limited budgets and easy to sell to executive management.

Here at Tresbu Digital we routinely contract for 2-week sprints. We work with our clients to define the desired outcome from the sprint. If we don’t deliver those results at the end of the sprint, we don’t get paid. In other words, we stake both our pay and our reputation on the results we deliver—every single sprint.

Tresbu Digital Mendix developers are among the most experienced.

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A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study

The Total Economic Impact of the Mendix Low-Code Application Development Platform

What is Mendix?

Mendix is a low-code application development platform that leads the market in rapidly building, deploying, and operating enterprise-grade applications.

This high-productivity application platform enables you not only to build, but also continuously improve mobile and web applications at scale using your own “citizen developers.”

Why Mendix?

In our experience, Mendix is one of the quickest and easiest low-code platforms used to develop mobile and web applications at scale. Low-code is a visual approach to software development that automates every step of the application lifecycle.

Using Mendix to implement and leverage digital technologies and data analytics enables businesses to uncover valuable process improvements and move with greater agility.

By breaking traditional silos of business and information technology, Mendix fosters continuous collaboration and offers rapid delivery of a variety of software solutions. It can easily interpret a significant amount of data and streamline crucial workflows in quick-evolving industries.

Companies can move new products to market in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

Also, Mendix can save millions of dollars thanks to its ability to monitor and alert companies on ever-changing process requirements. Very few developer platforms offer the long-term solutions like Mendix does by standardizing data all in one place to generate timely and accurate reporting.

The Mendix App Platform enables organizations to quickly build applications across multiple channels and devices to improve organizational efficiencies and overall business transparency.

This singular low code app allows teams of all experience levels to build applications and deploy them seamlessly, enabling collaboration and greater agility to stay ahead of changing market factors.

Why Tresbu Digital for Mendix?


That’s why it’s important to partner with Tresbu Digital’s business engineers to safely ensure your organization can transition from legacy systems or pre-existing processes to a low-code solution.

This high-productivity application platform enables you not only to build, but also continuously improve mobile and web applications at scale using your own “citizen developers.”

10+ Years of Experience

Tresbu Digital’s expert business engineers have more than a decade of both Low-Code and business process development experience, so they understand the importance of integrating both your organizational processes and business model with the right IT support.

And with so many low-code platforms quickly emerging in recent years, it’s imperative that your developers continue to ensure integrity, consistency, and security across these applications so they can be as efficient as they were intended to be. Tresbu Digital has worked with organizations across the globe to build reliable automation frameworks and platforms that work flawlessly and radically transform businesses.

By breaking down business-IT silos to foster seamless collaboration and give companies unprecedented time-to-value, the Mendix Low-Code platform accelerates enterprise application inspiration, development, deployment, and update across your entire organization.

Mendix is truly changing the game for many industries.

It’s time to move your traditional processes and practices to

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