Case Study



Product Roadmap Acceleration for McAfee

When Skyhigh Networks, the leading solutions provider for enterprise cloud security (acquired by McAfee in 2018), needed to find best-in-class product development and support expertise, they turned to Tresbu Digital in order to mitigate the innovation led R&D challenges. 


McAfee Labs consists of an agile tiger team of experts whose objective is to ideate, prototype, and present cutting-edge proof- of-concepts and bespoke digital solutions, many of which become commercial product offerings. Although McAfee Labs has extremely talented internal resources, they required a vendor that would offer continuous fresh perspective, help them scale development, not be bogged down by superfluous internal priorities and could function as an extension of their internal teams.


Given the requirements of their enterprise clients, McAfee needed an embedded development team that could rapidly design and develop prototypes of the highest quality – a role that could make or break McAfee’s ability to innovate with novel solutions to meet their clients’ exceedingly high expectations. 

In addition, this team would be exposed to potential security risks and proprietary trade secrets of both McAfee and their customers. They needed a provider they could trust in multiple ways. 


McAfee partnered with Tresbu Digital to fill their need for development expertise on their Labs tiger team. Tresbu Digital worked with McAfee’s leadership to select a small team of developers from amongst Tresbu’s talent pool that would be directly embedded into McAfee R&D and were able to smoothly integrate into the working group, adopting McAfee’s internal processes and standards. This allowed the McAfee Lab to scale and operate at peak efficiency without overhead risks, unnecessary silos, or extraneous processes.


Tresbu Digital has created a significant impact by accelerating R&D based innovation, developing AWS, Google, and Microsoft cloud security prototypes that went on the eventually become market-leading McAfee products. All told, this team developed 12 proof-of-concept prototypes and Tresbu Digital’s support has enabled McAfee Labs to continue developing best-in-class solutions for their enterprise customers rapidly, cost-effectively, and without sacrificing quality. 

“A big part of our competitiveness comes from the ability to conceive, develop, and implement new solutions that our customers need. Tresbu has helped us tremendously in achieving that goal.”

VP Product Engineering