Case Study



Salesforce Used to Deliver FinTech Micro-Financing Solution on Cloud


Massive growth in E-commerce provide enormous opportunities for vendors of all shapes and sizes to sell products online globally.


But with the growth, the vendors faced inventory financing issues to meet the high pace of demand, putting their reputation and business at risk.

At the same time, the process for seeking growth capital through traditional banking institutions was too slow to meet the challenging pace, and thus micro-financing was born and privatized.  Our client had a unique, entrepreneurial concept in mind but didn’t have the know-how or team to build it.


Tresbu built a web & mobile compatible application built on the salesforce platform, which can be integrated with third party applications from where e-commerce sellers can obtain instant loans. The solution offered complete loan requesting processing through an API and also through a customer community portal and integrated with credit bureau’s and leading e-commerce providers.


Our Cloud adaptation gave the client complete control on the operational costs and zero application downtime. The robust integration of API’s enabled loan requesting and validation with no human intervention. Target customer satisfaction goals, target lead generation goals, and minimum tech support goals were all achieved.