Use Case

Publication Management


A life sciences company wanted to attract new partnerships and investment by accelerating publication of research.


The company had to ensure meticulous vetting of their research while at the same time accelerating publication. Also, they needed to safeguard data accuracy and the confidentiality of the intellectual property using only existing resources and with minimal investment of time and budget.


Tresbu Digital’s experts have created a portal-based workflow application and data repository that both enforces and expedites a thorough publication review process.


Publication times was shortened by approximately 60%. By driving faster decisions on additional investment in promising research and development areas, organization is now able to attract more development and investment partners. The system also increased RoI of research investments by making it easier to modify, enhance, and re-employ both published and unpublished material. Also, the company is able to maintain the system itself, reducing dependence on and expenditure with outside developers.