Case Study


Largest Broadband Service Provider in India

Fiber Optic Network Intelligence and Field Management Platform


The telecom service industry (hardware technicians & maintenance staff) for ISPs and TelCo’s in India is very disorganized. It relies on manual coordination between supervisors and field technicians, including ticket tracking in excel sheets, & updates based on phone calls, often struck in the traffic and loosing time for fixing problems , and at risk of loosing location based competencies when a technician leaves the company.


Creating a system that automates large parts of the workflow for field technicians, with timely updates & escalations to supervisors. Other features include analytics for visualizing detailed trends, like frequent problem locations, equipment, & even personnel and making the field personal more knowledgeable to fix the issues in less time.


Mapping all the assets with the detailed list of issues re-solved and enabling the data for proactive and preventive maintenance in the context of the location and customer makes the field personal more knowledgeable and enabling him to reach reported location faster will help field personal to resolve the problem quicker.

While assigning field issues, competency algorithm enables the competency to be distributed across the team members automatically resulting in uniform competency.

Additionally, a geo-fenced system for field technicians that notifies them whenever a service (installation request) or ticket (repair request) is created in their area of operation, with configurable SLAs to ensure important issues receive timely attention from all the stakeholders. The exact location of the problem occurrence is presented to the field agent, using Google Maps, in the issue itself so that they spend no unnecessary time searching for the location. A tree style hierarchical organization can be quickly setup, with each branch in the tree governing different geo-fences.


Field personal are more knowledgeable and are enabled with meaningful data to solve field problems and enabling them to reach the field location quicker resulting in 15%~20% productivity improvement.

Uniform competency across the team members through automatic process de-risks loosing competency and the organization is more innovative. Routing the field personal in the context of field issues, SLA’s and priorities, enables the field personal to travel less distance to solve same problems resulting in efficiency.