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Framework Audits

One of the key low-code solutions offered by Tresbu Digital is framework audits for platform builders. With a plethora of low-code platforms emerging, it is imperative that developers are taking every step required to ensure integrity, security, and consistency of performance of their platform tools.


Low-code platforms run on UI frameworks packed with widgets to let users develop their apps using visuals and graphics rather than writing code for them. When you are building such an automation platform, the frameworks you build need to deliver impeccably and flawlessly.


With the increasing popularity of low-code platforms, you can attract a huge market if your frameworks and the platform, as a whole, work without a flaw.


At Tresbu Digital, we are ready to help you build sound and reliable automation frameworks by assessing their integrity with detailed audits. With our framework audits, you can:


  • Identify critical issues in the backend code of your frameworks and fix them before the platform is used by customers;
  • Seamlessly organize integration of the hardware, software, and services to deliver reliable software for low-code development; and
  • Achieve higher performance and consistent results for each customer using your automation platforms.
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