Siemens Mendix – Salesforce Integrations: Just Another Everyday Use for Low Code

Salesforce continues its reign as one of the most popular CRM and low-code development platforms. If your company is interested in extending CRM capabilities using a limited framework, then the pre-loaded Salesforce integrations and low-code capabilities might be all you require.

But what happens when your company’s needs demand more than Salesforce’s low code platform can handle? Or what can you do when integrations become too complicated or too large? Salesforce comes out of the box with a lot of integrations, but there’s so often a unique issue that requires some special integration. And Salesforce certified developers are rare. What can you do?

Before investing tons of time and money in traditional developers or Salesforce consultants, consider how Siemens Mendix can solve your problem and equip your citizen developers.

Best Uses for the Salesforce Platform

If you’re like most companies, you’ll want to extend your CRM capabilities beyond Salesforce’s original platform or perform simple integrations with other systems and apps. For these purposes, Salesforce might be the only low code platform you need, at least for now.

This lightning platform allows non-technical business users to customize low-code apps that integrate with Salesforce using a visual interface. Users experienced with coding language can create more involved applications using a Heroku integration.

Salesforce can help you build apps for:

  • Enhancing employee productivity
  • Streamlining the employee helpdesk
  • Customizing Salesforce by department
  • Building external portals for customers and partners
  • Protecting and monitoring sensitive CRM data

Salesforce’s low-code application development framework has innovative, turnkey solutions for users. But what happens when your needs stretch beyond the limitations of a boxed-in app? How much time and money must you invest in overcoming these constraints?

Why You Need Siemens Mendix for Salesforce

Siemens Mendix low-code development platform is for companies who need to build more than what Salesforce can produce (without expensive consultants and third-party developers). Instead of draining valuable resources to make Salesforce generate the functionality you need, you can employ a tool created to accomplish this work, namely Siemens Mendix low code platform.

New apps that differentiate companies from competitors and highlight innovation are in high demand. But the Salesforce platform is best used to enhance CRM functionality, which means more complex, out-of-the-box app development and Salesforce integrations are far more challenging to create.

Using the Salesforce framework requires additional time for navigating Governor Limits, working with rigid Apex code, and managing other resources to design the user interface. If your IT team wants to build enterprise-level apps more efficiently, consider enlisting the help of Siemens Mendix’s low-code platform for enhanced customization and integration.

This platform enables development teams to build any application on top of Salesforce as needed—and quickly. When that large, complex project arises out of a pressing company need, you’ll want the most effective and reliable resources at your team’s fingertips.

These extensive capabilities mean your team can build whole AppExchange apps instead of mere components. They’ll even be able to integrate ancient legacy systems with Salesforce and its extensions.

Contact us to find out how Tresbu Digital’s expert business engineers can guide your company toward successful Salesforce integrations using the Siemens Mendix development platform.

Salesforce Connect App for Complex Salesforce Integration

Your team can build enterprise-class applications for your CRM system using the Salesforce Connect app (available in the Mendix App Store). It’s a prebuilt module that allows developers to quickly connect standard and custom objects from Salesforce to the Mendix platform, increasing flexibility and unlocking powerful opportunities for app development.

Salesforce Connect integrates your Salesforce data structure with Siemens Mendix, removing the limitations often associated with other low-code development platforms. After completing the Salesforce integration, your development team will be equipped to build more extensive applications tailored to your company’s unique needs and goals.

For example, you can build an app that allows your sales reps to design personalized medical device kits for patience while in the field. This is made possible by combining a product catalog with a Salesforce CRM for doctors and patients.

The applications are endless, and extending Salesforce’s capabilities helps you get the most out of your investment, maximizing your resources.

Why Partner with Tresbu Digital for Siemens Mendix Solutions?

Tresbu Digital specializes in ensuring the safe implementation of low-code solutions like Salesforce integrations. As pioneers in the field of enterprise-class app creation, our business engineers have over a decade of experience. These experts will guide your organization in complex app development, building reliable automation frameworks, and providing agile IT support.

We work with you through every stage of the process:

  • Inspiration
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Updating

Do you need help integrating a legacy system with Salesforce? Or do you need to extend Salesforce functionality with new apps to power up your business? If so, Connect with Tresbu Digital for details about their services.